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TEMAS (= Tempting Effective Motivation and Attendance of Students) is a multilateral Comenius project involving ten schools in the following countries: Turkey, Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia. This is a two-year project for students and teachers. Working in this project means both teamwork within every school involved and working together and communicating with other schools using different forms of social media. During the project every school is visited once by their partners. The purpose of these visits is that the students could get to know students from other countries, their culture and way of life.

In Pellonpuisto there is a group of nineteen students and four teachers working on the Comenius project. All  8th graders in our school had the opportunity to apply for the project. The volunteers were interviewed and the final group was selected based on their motivation, behaviour, social skills and adequate English language skills. The teachers working in the project are Hanna Miettinen, the coordinator, Tanja Sairila, Marko Kaskinen and Tiina Kataja.

ryhmäkuva pieni
Comenius group in Pellonpuisto.