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Comenius in Turkey




Our bus left at 8.05 am. I was excited and a little scared. We travelled the whole day and were exhausted when we finally met our hosts. They were amazing and kind people who took good care of us.

We got to my host family's home by bus and everyone was staring at my white skin and light eyes. In the evening my host mom gave some Turkish soup that was way too spicy. After that I gave them the Finnish things I had brought with me, a Muumi mug, Fazer chocolate and cookies, coffee and Sisu pastilles. After they had thanked me we went to bed.





I had my first experience of Turkish breakfast and found it very strange. That day we had a trip to Pamukkale, a place known for its travertines and beauty. We took a lot of pictures there. We had a great time but we were there for five hours straight so we got bored. After that we went shopping to a very cool outdoor mall.





We visited three different schools. The first one was our hosts' school and it was colorful and cozy and the second one was a science high school. Then we went to school number three and I thought it was like a prison. It had big fences and bars on some windows. The corridors were empty and the students acted like robots.

In Wednesday evening we had a Turkish night and the students performed for us. After that we all danced together and had so much fun. Even strangers took us by the hand and span us around.    

School building
School building




We went to Sirinçe. It was a beautiful old village that was covered in nazars, eye-shaped amulets that protect against the evil eye and give you luck. After that we went to Ephesus, an ancient Greek city. There was the worlds first flushable toilet and two amphitheaters where gladiators used to fight. There were also lots of stray cats and some of them had kittens and it was very sad. 

Then we travelled to Kusadasi, a nice tourist resort with beaches and shops but on the downside there was a pack of homeless dogs that protected each other.

In the evening we went to our hosts' favourite restaurant to eat and we decided not to speak anything but english and then had good conversations and fun.



an old library in Ephesus
An old library in Ephesus

an ancient toilette!
An ancient toilette!

Aina, Tuulia, Anni, Hanna and Tanja
Aina, Tuulia, Anni, Hanna and Tanja




One of the most emotional days to me ever. In the morning we were sad and everyone of us tried to keep tears from falling. We hugged each other long but the hugs didn't feel long enough. We had made great friendships in Turkey. My mind was in condradictory, I didn't ever want to leave but I wanted to go home more than anything. Even though I loved Aydin I enjoyed every little detail of my perfect Finland when the plane landed.  

students and hosts saying good bye
Students and hosts saying good bye

Aina Kiiala