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Poland 26.4.-30.4.2015

Teachers Tanja Sairilan and Marko Kaskinen, and the students Hakasuo Hermanni, Ida Sandroos, Emma Järri and Saku Kopi spent a week in Niegowa, Poland.


We arrived on Sunday evening to Niegowa. Students went to stay in polish students homes. On Monday we visited a local silver mine and bread museum.



Mine was the most memorable, because it created a realistic atmosphere with its narrow and long corridors, which were slighly difficult to walk for taller persons.

On the other hand, reportedly there had also visited a basketball team who also had survived so why not us?


In bread museum everyone baked their own bread and we watched a video about history of bread.


On Tuesday, the teachers had prepared lessons about their countries for the Polish pupils and students respectively participated in the visual arts and exercise classes.


Koulun pihalta

On Wednesday we went to Krakow. We looked at the old city attractions such as Wavel Castle and its magnificent cloths as well as the castle of the surrounding buildings. Free time we walked around the Old Town of Krakow.


Best best of the trip, however, was getting to know other pupils and the school. The pupils lived during the visit at Polish students homes and thus had training in English language and an access to polish family life.

Tanja Sairila