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Sunday 22.3.2015 


Our trip to Rethymno started from Huittinen at 01:00 Sunday morning. Our flight was going to take-off at 6:10 from Helsinki-Vantaa and we had to change plane in München and we also made a stopover in Thessalonika. We landed in Chania airport at 15:15 and finally arrived in Rethymno by taxi about 1 hour later. We met out hosts at Hotel Steris where all the teachers were going to live.

Soon we left to our host families. My host family lived a bit further from the center of Rethymno, in an area called Atsipopoulo. When we arrived to their home we had some conversation about upcoming week and almost everything. Then we had a dinner which contained delicious meat, Greek salad, potatos, mushrooms, rice, broccoli...


It was early morning when we left from Finland to Crete.

Monday 23.3.2015

Monday was quite casual day. We woke up around 7 and left to the school around 8. The school and its students were quite different than in Finland. Students were wearing shoes and coats in classes and they didn't have so much rules there. Nevertheless they didn't use their mobile phones while classes. They don't have school lunch in Greece so we ate from our own lunch package.

After school we went to the families and in the evening we went to the old city of Rethymno with other students. We were at the cafeteria named Balux and after that we went to eat Souvlaki. Around 10 we left back to home.


The school was quite different than in Finland.

Classroom in school

Tuesday 24.3.2015

The weather was really sunny and warm. We left to Heraklion in the morning and we went to see archaeological ruins of some temple. We also were visiting museum full of antique things. After that we went to Starbucks and walked around the city and port of Heraklion. In the evening we went out again, we were at the cafeteria and walked around Rethymno.

Archaeological ruins of some temple


In the temple

Lilja and Fanni from Finland in the temple

Wednesday 25.3.2015

In Wednesday it was the national day of Greece so almost every place was closed, so was the school. We had a guided tour in the old city of Rethymno, Venetian port and Fortezza castle and we also saw a parade. They were all very beautiful places. After the tour we went to eat at Greek tavern where they served very much different Greek foods.

About 16:30 we left to Chania by bus. There we just walked around and went to the Starbucks again. There was a few tourist shops open so we visited a few of them.

When we arrived back in Rethymno we went out again with other students.

Lighthouse in Rethymno


Some flags in the old town of Rethymno

View from Fortezza castle

A parade of national day

Food in the tavern

In the Starbucks café

Thursday 26.3.2015

It was cold and rainy day and we normally went to school where they showed us videos about Rethymno and Greece. We got some souvenirs too, students got t-shirts with text "Temas Comenius". The school offered a lunch for the Comenius group, Greek salad, french fries and delicious Souvlaki.

After school  we left by bus and visited Arkadi monastery, ancient city of Eleftherna and Margarites village. We also visited place where some woman made clay items by herself. After all that we went to a tavern to eat. We had so much fun there! And surprise surprise, when we arrived back to Rethymno we went out with the others.

Group picture

Arkadi monastery

Friday 27.3.2015

It was last day with the others. In the morning we went to the school, there was only us and the Italian guys. After school we went home and got some food and rest before we went last time out.

So, last time out in Rethymno. We went shopping and soon after that we went to cafeteria to see the Italian guys. There was a few students from the school too. We had some Coca Cola and after that we walked again around the city and finally went to eat some souvlaki.

Friday morning in Rethymno


View from balcony

Friday night in Rethymno

Saturday 28.3.2015

It was time to leave. I packed my last things and got some breakfast. My host mom also gave me some souvenirs, I got a lovely backpack, a fridge magnet with a photo of Rethymno and oregano which was pick up by my host mom herself.

We arrived at the bus station and met Fanni and her host family and Tiina and Marko. We waited the bus for a while and soon it was time for a last goodbyes.

The bus trip lasted about 1 hour. Firs when we arrived Chania we took our baggage to the hotel where we were going to sleep the last night. It was a nice, small hotel named Hotel Vilelmine. Then we went shopping and after that we got some food.

View from the balcony of our hotel in Chania


White mountains in Chania

Sunday 29.3.2015

When we woke up we ate some breakfast in our hotel room. Soon after that we left for the airport which was quite small. Our plane was going to take-off 10:45.

We landed in cold and wet Finland at 14:35. The trip was great and I would go there again anytime!

Lilja Tatti 9C