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My London

London was absolutely great!

My favorite thing in London was Oxford Street of course .

There were so many things to see. And I hope every single day that I would get back there.

London was beautiful in my eyes, so different from what I thought before the trip. Those parks were so green and there were so many puffy , cute dogs.

An exciting thing was London UNDERGROUND! I loved those machines, it was cool to travel by TUBE!

If you go to London, please travel by TUBE! It is so much fun!

And you really have to go and eat FISH AND CHIPS! It is so good! And go to Westfield shopping centre, that place is fabulous! AND GO TO HARRODS! Even if you don´t want to buy anything there, you should go anyway!!! If you want to see lots of London and Big Ben, you really should go to LONDON EYE. That costs like 22 pounds, if you go with group and that is like 25 euros. AND YOU CAN SEE SO MUCH OF LONDON FROM THERE.

So... I think my London trip was GREAT. I xxx loved that place. <3

* Those words which I underlined are "MUST" places in London!!!

21.5.2018 Monday

Eerika Lahti 9A

My London 

London is a nice place where there are a lot of people and traffic.

In London you can see lots of things for example double-deckers which are so common and other attractions, for example London eye, Tower Bridge and Oxford Street.

Oxford street is full of all kinds of shops and restaurants. People in London are so friendly, but at night there are lots of people who are not friendly and don’t want good for you. In the daytime there are lots of tourists who may ask you the way somewhere .

You can survive with bad English. You only need to go and eat and to your hotel, but if you want to see more in London you need to use double-deckers or Underground that is called ”Tube” in London.

Underground is easy to use with metrocard which you can recharge if necessary. There are also lots of parks in London and they are so beautiful and colourful .

Riina Alho 9B

My trip to London

Okay, first of all I absolutely love London. It was love at first sight. I would have wanted to stay there for the rest of my life!

Most of the people were so nice and polite. They said "sorry" when we did not even bump into each other in crowded places.

The Brittish accent is a bit too fast for "Finglish" speakers but after a few "what"s I understood what they were saying.

Although I am not saying British English is hard, you just need a bit of courage that is all. I think I was "the leader" of our group because I was the only one who spoke in restaurants and in shops. But what can I say: the food was amazing, the place was amazing and I had the time of my life.

Emmi Suittio 9A